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CATS: 500 Questions Answered by Dr David Sands

Designed to be the cat owners’ bible this is an invaluable source of easy-to-understand (and sometimes surprising!) information that owners will turn to repeatedly.

Whatever the age or breed of your cat you will find this book’s expert advice both relevant and interesting.

Every conceivable question is answered including: Am I my kitten’s mother? Why do felines like cat nip? Is it true they can fall and survive?

There are also fascinating pieces of trivia; such as, did the ancient Egyptians really worship cats? Why are black cats unlucky? What is an ailurophile?

Order your signed copies of this book from the Animal Behavioural Clinic, 127 Blackburn Rd, Heapey Chorley, Lancs PR6 8EJ 01257 249960 for only £10.00 (saving £5 and free p&p) and includes 250 pages of colour pictures. Please make cheques payable to Dr David Sands.


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