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Specialist in Animal Aggression, Dog Behaviour Problems, Cat Behaviour Problems and Aggressive Dog Behaviour

The Animal Behavioural Clinic headed by Dr David Sands, a leader in the field of animal behaviour therapy in the UK, is dedicated to helping pet owners. Specialising in animal aggression including dog behaviour problems, cat behaviour problems and aggressive dog behaviour. Established in 1995, the clinic accepts referrals from veterinary practices in North England and beyond and successfully helps owners combat unwanted behaviour (hyperactivity, animal aggression, aggressive dog behaviour, destructiveness and house training issues) in dogs, cats (spraying and aggression) in cats, large tropical birds, horses and a range of exotic animals

David is a Fellow of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and a Member of ASAB. As a registered practitioner he is qualified to treat insured pets.

‘Treatment methods are gentle and ‘aggression-free’

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